Could you imagine, in the beggining of the World Cup, that the English Team would be in the semi finals against Croatia? I can’t. Really. If this article was a Beatle sound, certainly be Help. Do you know why? I’ll try to explain for you.

Technically, the music tells about a desperate call for another solution for a problematic situation. One desire for watch ways to go away even in the face of difficulty. For the four man standing on this Cup, only France would be in conditions to walk more easily. Theoretically.

The oldest writer lives football where the weight of the shirts make a difference. I know. My father teached this to me. I’m really sad in this situation, my friend, I need to tell you that it’s absolutely and unmoved past. The sport changed. Brutally.

In the musical climate, to explain this moment, I”ll use my favorite rock band. Can’t stop, like Red Hot. Is this way that the “small” national teams carries their evolution. In constant movement, improving the technical questions and the tatical mentalities. Roberto Martínez, Belgian head coach, changed his full squad to beat Brasil, the five times world champion. It’s the subversion, the revolutionary bet.

And now, with this scenario, can you understand where we are? Nobody can. Help, I ask, John. For live this week, without Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Italy. The football I saw on my childhood is dead. New orders took command. They made the highest bet: youth, talent, discipline or lucky, and are harvesting the results.

Help. The champions need help, only the champions because I’m having a lot of fun with this. The revolution makes concepts, open ways to great solutions, new players, incredible sounds for this old album called football. Who knows the 2000’s Beatle generation does not arise?

Good luck, supporters of the national teams in the Cup. For us, the others, we enjoy the wait. It can be surprising.