Fabinho’s wife Rebeca Tavares, conquered reds fans less than two months after the brazilian’s announcement

The sign of Fabinho left the world of Football surprised. Nobody in the press had not even a gossip about if midfielder would come to Anfield in the beggining of the transfer window. The sign was really celebrated by Liverpool’s fans, who saw in the brazilian a great replacement for Emre Can’s transfer to Juventus, projecting a strong midfield with Fabinho, Keita, Henderson and Milner fighting for two positions.

Not one red fan could expect what was to come from Fabinho: his wife, a phenomenon called Rebeca Tavares. Dating since 2013 and married since 2015, Rebeca and Fabinho share, besides the couple’s life, the passion for football.

That’s the main reason why Rebeca became an idol for many Liverpool fans. Since the announcement of Fabinho, she was showing knowlegde and happiness about moving to England. Many pictures were posted in Melwood. As if wasn’t enough, even after signing the contract and returning to Brazil on holidays, Rebeca kept posting the hashtags YNWA and Liverpool on her social networks. She went viral, especially because the happiness demonstrations seemed spontaneous.

“Anybody that enjoy football already know Liverpool fans, their warmth, the atmosphere. And wherever I go, I like to live football. Here, the fans breath Liverpool. Now I can really enjoy everything football has to offer”, tells Rebeca, on an exclusive interview for Linha Esportiva.

Besides football, Rebeca is also passionate about the social networks. She’s a huge enthusiast of the interaction with the fans. Therefore, many of her posts went viral.  She liked fans’ pictures, including one which Sergio Ramos, villain of the Reds after injurying Mo Salah on the Champions League final, was crying after being knocked out of the World Cup. Instagram Stories containing memes. Friendly conversations with fans on Instagram.  She is still surprised with the repercussion she gained on social networks, accumulating thousands of followers since Fabinho joined Liverpool.”Everything was surprising. I stay layed in bed with Fabinho, interacting with them, watching, laughing. It’s really fun. I don’t count the number of followers, it doesn’t really matter to me, but I know I got many since we arrived at Liverpool”, she says

Rebeca’s viral posts 

And the beauty’s passion for football isn’t only for being a fan. She also loves to play, as she signed for woman’s Monaco team while Fabinho played in the Ligue 1. Without knowing about this, the Reds were on fire when she published a wonder goal scored by her in a friendly match in Brazil – and recorded by the husband.  “Since I was little, I always carried a football on my backpack. I always played, on the streets, in school. And then I scored this goal, saw that Fabinho had recorded and thought “well, let’s post it”. But I wasn’t expecting that few minutes later it would be a hit on Twitter or on Instagram. I’m speechless. This warm welcome from the Liverpool fans is wonderful.”

In order to improve the interaction, Rebeca reactivated  her Twitter account. In just a few days, she had more than 30 thousand followers, dying to know more about the “Liverpool’s new queen”.

Fabinho, who also has a veryfied account, still hasn’t followed her on Twitter back then. And she was fast to respond the fans about the situation, with, obviously, a great sense of humour.

She got so many fans for herself that one of them bought Liverpool’s new shirt with the number 10 in the back… and the name of R. Tavares! “I was impressed with all the affection demonstrations, but that was the most surprising. I was laughing out loud and told Fabinho “no way, this can’t be happening. I’m so glad they really liked me”.  I was trully happy. They feel real hard the club’s collors and I thank God for putting us in this amazing place”, Rebeca told.

Rebeca also demonstrates charisma by speaking English. On Instagram stories, she speaks really well. In the typing conversations on Twitter, shows fluency on the language. She guarantees: “English always was my favourite language. Since I was 12, 13, I try to speak. When I married Fabinho and went to live in Monaco, I couldn’t speak French and I was always trying to speak English.”

Rebeca and Fabinho joins a roster who demonstrates on social networks real character and unit. Dinners, friendly words from the teammates, one rooting for each ohet on Instagram Stories.. “This was one of the main reasons why we came here. It’s a family club and Fabinho and I are very close, we do all the things together. Liverpool gives us this atmosphere, this environment. Many players already came to us and told that as soon as the roster is complete (many of the players are playing the World Cup or on vacation) we will do lots of things together, really including us on the “Liverpool family”, tells Rebeca.

Photo: Personal Archive

Like we know, Internet is a place with a many of “trolls” and “haters”. What if Liverpool, or Fabinho himself, goes through a difficult phase.. Would that change Rebeca’s way of seeing Twitter and Instagram? “My intention is to keep interacting with them forever, during the whole season. Being wife of a public person doesn’t make me any different ou unreachable. I am prepared for “haters”, I know this day will come. When we are exposing ourselves, those things can happen. But I am going to ignore the bad people and pay attention on the people who really deserve”.

YNWA, Rebeca! You already have a whole crowd walking by your side.